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Periwinkle (FTA)

My mom and I have been involved with Ruff Start for a while now and both have a passion for saving dogs, so when Ruff Start needed someone to drive down to Houston to pick up a van full of dogs after the hurricane and make sure they end up in loving homes, we couldn't say no! I remember arriving at the shelter where all of the foster parents and the dogs were sitting waiting for us to show up. My mom and I both looked at each other and thought “this is going to be an interesting 20hr ride back home”. Little did I know it would lead to me falling in love with my little Elaine. 
While we were loading all of the dogs up to head out, Elaine’s foster mom came up to us and explained that Elaine was a beyond nervous wreck and even though she understands that it is hard to give almost 20 dogs the same amount of love on the ride home, it would mean beyond everything to her if Elaine could ride on my lap for even just a little bit of the way. I said yes of course!! She handed me Elaine’s TO GO bag and all of her gifts and we took off. 
Elaine ended up driving the whole 20 hour ride on my lap and I knew that she had to be mine. She was dumped in a park (sadly there is proof of it:-(  ), so I had to make sure this little adorable nervous wreck was never treated like that again. 
My boyfriend and I didn’t even have to second guess the decision, we both said yes right away once I got home and talked to him about her. We are both HUGE Seinfeld fans so of course we talked about how she was just recently named so we still have a chance to change her name, so Elaine it was because of our love of Seinfeld. 
We are both so insanely in love and today after she finished her long process of heartworm treatment, we finalized it and we could not be more happy!! Elaine is the biggest blessing ever and I know that we crossed paths for a reason. Even her big tough oil field working dad melts at the sight of her (: She’s our baby. 
Thank you Ruff Start for not only giving all of those dogs we picked up a chance at a new life, but also for leading us to Elaine. You all have such huge hearts <3