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Tia's new family:) this was actually a photo from when she first met them, and it was so good! Tia sat down in the doorway and and did't want to leave. I knew it was the perfect fit then and there:) happy new beginning Tia!


We finally got the chance to take a family photo! We decided to rename Trumble "Daniel," in honor of Daniel Stripped Tiger from Mr. Roger's Neighborhood. As you can see in the photo, Daniel is active and loves toys. We are so happy to have my join our family. Ortensia, our resident cat is also warming up to him and he seems to love his new big sister. Thanks!


Tutu and her new family!


Hello! My name is Kincaid. My foster name was Teddy but mom changed it to Kincaid because of the character Robert Kincaid in the movie Bridges of Madison County. The movie is very special to both her, and someone who is very special to her as well. Kincaid is played by Clint Eastwood, who also has significance to mom. Kincaid means "lead warrior" which suits me because I am intelligent, regal, and quick to take action. The vets think that I am a lab/great dane mix and that I was born around 05/01/12. I had a hard life in the beginning. I was abandoned in Joplin, MO as a young pup. I was rescued and sent up to a wonderful organization, in Minnesota near the twin cities, called Ruff Start Rescue. I was a very lucky boy because my mommy had already heard about me and was already excited to meet me before I even got off my train in Minnesota. I hear some dogs have to wait a long time for their "forever home". I only had to be in a foster home for a week, where I got to be around wonderful people and learned to like kids, other dogs, and cats. By the time my mother was able to adopt me (I had to be put on hold for a week to make sure I was healthy and adoptable and to be neutered) it was her birthday, 07/13/12! What a great present for us! Since I was in Anoka, MN and mom was in Belleville, WI I had to wait until Saturday to meet her. I will always remember 07/14/12 as the happiest day of my life because that was the day I found my mommy! I picked her out by piddling a few drops on her shoes, even though I am house-trained. I knew right away she would be perfect for me. We played and hugged and a nice lady from Ruff Start took a picture of us together. I wanted to leave with my mommy (I even tried to follow her and kept looking for her the rest of the evening) but I had to stay one more night with my foster family. Mom came to pick me up Sunday just before noon (07/15/12). I was so excited when I saw her again I ran right to her as fast as I could with my tail wagging wildly. I didn't even notice the other 3 people that had come along to ride home with me. I love life and everything about it! I love people and I am always friendly, even if you're a stranger. If you are elderly or young I even know to wag my tail to show I'm friendly and then sit and wait for you to come to me on your own terms. I love kids, other dogs, cats, you name it. I am gentle and easy-going, yet playful and goofy. I love to swim, love to walk, love to run, love my toys very much (which is why I hoard them in piles), but most of all I love to cuddle and snuggle. I'm pretty intelligent too. I am already house-trained and in fact, I even learned to ring a bell when I need to go outside. I learned my new name in less than 24 hours (my foster name was Teddy). In literally 3 walks I learned to sit and stay at intersections until I hear the command "okay" that lets me know it's safe to cross. I am learning new things every day. I can't wait to see what tomorrow will bring :) I am so loved that I have MY OWN BLOG! If you look in the upper right-hand corner of this page you will see a 'pictures' tab where you will find adorable pics of me ;) and my blog 'Being Kincaid: A Dog's Life'. Please look at my pics, read my story....but be prepared to fall in love.


Here's Tate, all grown up! His foster, Jeni, is enjoying a weekend babysitting him.

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