Animal Success Stories
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Dear Ruff Start Rescue, Back in May, my husband and I adopted Scooter (his name WAS “Swami” but we changed it to Scooter) from your organization. His cute face and big brown eyes really caught my attention when I first saw him on your website. We have so enjoyed having our little Scooter in our family. We take him for 2-3 walks/day, but his most favorite outing is when we take him for car rides each night!!!! The minute I pull out the expandable leash after dinner, he runs to the front door and starts twirling in circles he’s so excited to go. We take him through the neighborhood, along River Road, letting him smell the smells of the city. He sits in my lap like a co-captain. He also comes out to dinner with us – we find restaurants with outdoor seating so little Scooter gets to join us. He’s really settling in nicely. He did have a few behaviors that we had to work on; for one thing, he’d bark at night as we were trying to go to sleep, so as he’s gotten used to us and the sounds in the neighborhood, that’s settling down. We’ve noticed that he’s okay meeting smaller dogs on walks, which is nice, but gets a little nervous around big dogs. That’s okay – he’s short so bigger dogs probably do scare him somewhat!! Thank you so much for rescuing Scooter (Swami) from the North Dakota Animal Shelter and saving his life so that my husband and I could adopt him and bring him into our lives. He’s been such a joy and blessing to have. Sincerely, Veronica


Scruffy went to his forever home today!! :) A GREAT couple who's going to love him and spoil him a lot ... I'm so excited for them all! :)


I rescued Stubby (Now Tate the Great) He turned one year in December. He is a wonderful, funny, stubborn, loving dog!!


Snoop and his new family, the Armstrongs!


Sheba and Mason (4 yr old) sharing a snuggle!

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