Animal Success Stories
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Now named Axle. Here is his favorite spot to sleep! He is usually right on the vent tho!


We love Roux so much, yesterday was the anniversary of our 12 year old golden's passing and to see Roux in our home who has been with us 11 months now we cannot tell you the love she brings to all of us. She is the PRINCESS of our home and we love her to death. She is so entertaining, she sleeps half the time with a blanket covering her whole body all night long if she is not sleeping with our son. She is found laying on her back with all her legs up in the air, just sleeping away and she loves the dog parks, more so if she is a able to go swimming. She thinks she is 4x her own size when we go walking and stands up for her self . I am actually going to try to train her this summer to let down her guard a bit while we are walking and meeting other dogs. She doesn't need to protect me nor herself. I would never let anyone harm her. We will see how that goes.


Little Robyn and her new family!


Little "Rose" and her happy new family!


Rex's new foster parents are in love. Here's what they have to say... "OMG is he not the cutest dog on the planet?! We LOVE him. He had a good night last night, he cuddled next to me all night. Did his duties like a good pup on his morning walk. And is enjoying a raw hide as I send this. Thank you RSR!!" :) You're welcome, Jen!

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