Animal Success Stories
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My husband and I adopted Max the week before Christmas. We had a pocket beagle (beagle/daschund mix) already, but hoped to get her a companion to keep her active while we are at work during the day (her name is Agate and she is 3 1/2) The dogs seemed to get along just fine, but he preferred his own perch/lay area. The dogs are now inseparable, only after a months time! They love each other's company and are obvious companions. We are thrilled with this adoption and believe it is safe to say Agate is too! Thank you Ruff Start Rescue!


We've only had Mango for a couple of weeks, but her eyes softened within a few days of being away from the scary pound.


Misty Jane is adjusting very well to her new forever home!


Hey all thought we would give you an update on our adopted sweet heart, Moonshine, known today as Zadie & let me tell you she knows her name! She is certainly one smart & amazingly unique cat!! Our fat (lol) little girl is now up to 10lbs & looking great! We just love her! -- Wishing you all a safe & healthy holiday season! --Brian & Jonell Owen


A note from Monte's new mom: "We're so happy to have Monte as part of our family. He's such a good puppy! We took him on a 12 day vacation with us up to Alexandria and then over to Turtle Lake, WI and he loved it! He swam a little bit, slept a LOT, hunted chipmunks, etc. He's such a good listener and playmate with our kids. My daughter is 7 and she absolutley loves him! Thanks everyone with Ruff Start!" ~Robin

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