Animal Success Stories
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It's been a week now and Bailey is getting along beautifully. Teddy finally figured out after three days that Bailey was trying to get him to play. Now they play together all the time and it's so fun to watch. I'm amazed at how gentle they are with each other yet play with full vigor. Teddy is so happy to have a sister! We brought Bailey to a check up with our local animal hospital just down the street and she checks out perfectly. You would have been so proud of how well she conducted herself! She was so brave! I wanted to send you a quick note to tell you she is definitely home and knows it! She follows Teddy around all over and although she shows no signs of wanting to run off we still keep a close watch on her. I am so happy with her progress and level of comfort. We are a tight pack! Best wishes!


Brutus is all smiles with his new family!


Oh how I love happy endings! Or is this a happy beginning? Boden (now Chewy) in his forever home. He went from being a sad neglect case to spoiled rotten in no time flat - his new mom's coworkers even surprised her with a basket of new toys for him. Thank you to everyone who helped him along the way to his new life. - Karin, foster mom


Puppy Love!! Here's Bandit (on the right) in love with his new fur-sister. <3


I wanted to send you a note to thank you for helping us find our newest fur-baby and share our story with others, encouraging them to rescue a misplaced animal in need. Bull, the Italian Greyhound, joined our family on Friday, May 27th, 2011. After intense consideration (and by that I mean, one visit to your website!), my husband and I were convinced that we needed another dog to add to our family. We originally saw an animal that we were interested in meeting, but the day we called, he was being adopted. After working with a placement assistant at Ruff Start Rescue, we were alerted to a newly acquired rescue named Bull; a sweet little boy who was in need of a new home after his owner was facing a move to a facility with a no pet policy. Already having a rescue dog with dominant “small dog” syndrome, we were cautious going into the initial meet and greet with Bull and his foster family (meaning we had settled on a test, if our dog Goose didn’t overtly attack the new one, we would adopt him!). We met Bull’s foster family in a school parking lot on a very raining and cold evening, as soon as Bull got out of his car my three year old son exclaimed, “Ohhhh, a kitty!” After explain to him it was a dog, and leashing our pup Goose, we introduced ourselves and immediately asked , “Who do we write the check to?!?” After nearly 3 months, I am happy to report Bull was an immediate fit in our family. He has brought new life into our senior terrier mix and has brought so much love to our whole family. My son FINALLY has a dog that loves to play catch and matches his spunk and energy level. Our dog Goose does a good job keeping up with Bull and the two kennel together during times we are away; sharing a bed and grooming each other – they are truly brothers! Bull of course isn’t perfect, like all animals we have had to reinforce good outside potty habits and table manners, but I will say he is perfect for us. Thank you again to all of the staff at Ruff Start Rescue who work daily to rehome abandoned, abused, neglected, and misplaced pets. If you are reading this and wondering if a rescue pet is right for you, here are my thoughts… if you are sincerely looking for a pet that will love you unconditionally and show you loyalty, compassion, and strength – then you need not look any further. These pets may have a history that hasn’t always been kind to them, but if you are willing to put in the effort to love and train your new pet, then you are ready -- go for it and adopt your new family member today! Sincerely, Megan, Jason and Sam Zachman

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