Animal Success Stories
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Miako (formerly Rosalyn), or Mia for short, adjusted to her new home very quickly. She has two large boxes full of toys to play with, five beds, a couch, an armchair, and multiple dog beds to sleep on, and a large yard to frolic in (which means tons of snow to drag us through until her feet get cold and we carry her inside). She can already sit, shake, and lie down on command, is doing very well with stay, and is working very hard on crawl (though sometimes she would rather latch on to my hand and just get pulled along). She used to cry and howl when I went to work, but she now has a sister/best friend to play with (Kana, a lab/husky mix we picked up from the local shelter about three weeks after we adopted Miako). Not only does Mia have a friend to play with, she's also been an amazing asset in making Kana more comfortable adjusting to life outside of the shelter. Miako has made everyone in the family laugh and smile whether it's due to her adorable puppy head tilt, her antics with her sister (full speed evening chase through the house, anyone?), or just how cute she looks in her various sweaters. My Instagram has been completely overtaken with dog pictures! She is the blessing our family so desperately needed after we lost our 14 1/2 year old lab mix, Calypso, last December, and I can't thank Ruff Start enough for helping to bring her into our lives!


Jaya (formerly Rylan) came to us in August of 2015 as we fell in love with this adorable, sweet face. She came as a 45lbs, 5 month old puppy with plenty of energy, which matched our 5 year old German Shorthair Pointer, Denali, perfectly. She has since grown to be a 70lbs+ pup that thinks she is a lap dog and she loves to try and catch Denali in the backyard. She also enjoys the water, but we need to keep working on the swimming part.

  She came to RSR as part of a litter, so we are not sure what her background is but she is  skittish at times. She has picked up on commands quickly, it helps that she has Denali to watch and learn from. Denali was not sure what to make of the situation when we first brought Jaya home, but now they are quite the pair.

 Thank you to Ruff Start Rescue, and Jaya’s foster home, for saving this sweet girl as our lives are richer now that she is a part of it. 


Remy was adopted in March 2015 through the Foster to Adopt program. Remy had to be in the FTA program because he had a case of puppy strangles (why his eyes are puffy as a puppy) and Ruff Start wanted to ensure he had the best medical care to beat his sickness and that Remy’s Mom was fully supported through the process. He just needed a steroid treatment and then he was all better. Remy’s mom was so thankful that Ruff Start had the FTA program because she was able to have him in her home early but also have the help of Ruff Start to help him get better.

He has now grown to be one of, if not the best part of her day. He has made so many friends in his apartment complex and recently enjoyed his 1st birthday. He even got to have a party with 10 of his dog friends and cake all over at his houseJ His mom is so thankful that Ruff Start was able to help him find a new home and her a best friend.  


Riley is the best dog and we will forever be grateful. He is 27.6 pounds now. Full of Love & energy. He is delightful. He is very happy with the snow. He goes outside with me now without a leash (in the yard), comes when I call him. He wakes us gently in the morning usually with a little ROOO noise, very cute. Love from Riley aka Silly Willy, and his folks.


Remmy is already having the time of his life with these girls. He loves his new family and they love him too!

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