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We adopted callie/vidia in july of 2014 and have fallen so in love with her, she was a great addition to our little family. She has been growing up with my son who is only 2 months older than her and they are the best of friends! We know have a 6 month old daughter as well and they also get along great. Thank you so much for our fur baby! 


hi! it's me, beasley! Just stopping by to say hello! We moved and now i live downtown and i love it 'cause i go to college now and see all the cool kids and they think i'm cool too! i have been very busy since coming to my forever home. i go to college and i am learning to be a celebrity spokes-canine. i like peanutbutter. daddy teaches me new tricks all the time and i can walk on two legs and twirl and jump through a hoop and sit and stay and kennel and i wait before we cross the street! i'm a very clever girl! i wanted a cell phone for christmas but daddy didn't get me one. Oh Oh! i have a facebook page too: come and see my pictures and stuff! okay? thank you for finding me the perfect forever family! xoxoxox beasley


Valentino is very happy with me in his new home. His new name is Dobby. (Named after the Harry Potter character). His large pointy ears, timid demeanor, and pointy nose reflect the character pretty perfectly. All signs of his tape worms have disappeared, and he's more playful and energetic than ever. He's still a bit weary of new people, but he's completely open around me now. :] Instead of having him in his small kennel every day while I'm at work, I set up a room in the basement for him with a bed and toys. He's used to his routine now, and hasn't had an accident in quite a while. He's always very excited after going potty outside because he knows he will be getting a treat. We've been hiking a ton since the snow melted. He loves it. He's going to make a perfect trail/camping mate. Thanks again for helping find my new pal!!


Vinny's picture collage. What an adorable, sweet little boy!

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