Animal Success Stories
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George (Nate) is just living the life and enjoying himself!


Nina with her new Mom!


Look at Nala with her great new family!


Nigel went to his foster home afraid of the world. He was very loving and wanting to please and it was clear that he could become a great pet. Within 1 week the foster family decided to keep him as their family dog IF he was able to relax around children. When he first came into foster the noise and chaos of kids was too much for Nigel as he would retreat into a quite part of the house but now he is right in the mix sleeping or playing. Nigel has continued to make great strides. He is a good running companion, loves all dogs at the dog park and is slowly but surely getting over a lot of his fears. He still will not attempt stairs but that is ok. Nigel did not know how to play and would not chew on rawhides etc but now those are 2 of his favorite things. Nigel is a dream dog that we were lucky enough to have the chance to foster. It was obvious to us that he was so very sweet he just needed some exposure to life to become comfortable. We vowed to get him off of the furniture however he is such a great snuggler I am often calling him up. thanks to ruff start for saving such a great dog. My life and my kids life is greatly enhanced having him be apart of it. He is hands down the easiest dog ever- he holds his bladder for longer than what should be possible, he loves all people and animals, he only barks at " scary" people which we want him to do. Its fantastic fun watching him grow and learn to love to play with each day.

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