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Adopted October 2015


Landon (Now known as Squirt) was adopted May of 2015. We were looking for a smaller dog who could play with our 10 month old pit-bull/lab mix.

After scheduling a ‘play date’ with the Foster parents we brought our dog over to meet Squirt and to see if there was a ‘connection’. Squirt hit it off with our dog immediately! He may be little but he’s feisty!!

And of course once I saw him, I was in love.


Since then Squirt has also become friends with our cats, nieces, nephews, parents and friends. He’s quite the social butterfly. And now that winter has officially set in, Squirt loves to lay under the blankets with me. He has also adjusted to having a sweater put on every time he goes outside.


We couldn’t have found a better match for our family. Thank you to all of the people who work at the rescue and foster these little angels.


I wanted to let you all know that our puppy, Zoya, is the best dog ever! (Previously Lorelai) We have a string of bells that she rubs with her nose when she needs to go out! She is so smart and very well loved! She is a great walker and she really enjoys playing outside. She is a great addition to our family! Thanks Ruff Start!


Remember sweet Lottie? She was adopted but returned in December of last year. She recently found a new loving home, where her name is now Delilah. Their son's first word was her name, "Delilah"! The family says, "We absolutely love our rescue dog."


Here's Yoshi (previously "Loofa").... He had a big breakfast and now its nap time. He is doing great... Eating great, quite active for an older guy, and still loves to go out on the deck when its sunny and lay on the quilt in the sun.... He is wagging his tail a lot now and seems to be very happy. Please share this with those who know him. It's so nice to know how the dogs you help and hope for are doing after they leave your care... Thank you for all the hard work you do for our 4 legged friends!!!!!! Yoshi and Diane

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