Animal Success Stories
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Hansel was brought into the rescue at the young age of 8 weeks old. He was found by someone in their yard just when the weather started to turn cold. They could not keep him but knew a rescue could help. He was given a nice and warm place to live, at his foster home with many other animals and kids to play with. His favorite person to hang with at his foster home was their 3 yr old. He would lay next to her and keep her company. Shortly after he was vetted he received an application for adoption. He met the family that wanted to adopt him and they fell in love with him right away. They had a young girl who they were adopting Hansel for and he took to her right away. They were so excited to make him part of their family that the dad drove all the way to the foster home to get Hansel before their daughter got home from school so they could surprise her. The day before they picked him up they had a sudden family situation where they had to say their good-byes to a close family member. They were still able to adopt Hansel and he will hopefully help keep their minds off of such a sadness. We are so happy that Hansel found such a loving family and know they will spoil him rotten!


Hi Ruff Start, Just thought I'd send a cute picture of Crunchy (Hoss)! He graduated from Puppy Playtime last week! Hope you're fantastic & hope Ruff Start Rescue is doing well! Take care, Kris


Havana, now “Savana” has been such a joy to our family! We adopted her in May 2012 when she was 4 months old. We also have a 6yr old weimaraner named Princess. Yes, Princess was skeptical when we first brought Savana home but after a few months they were inseparable! Savana absolutely loves the snow and could play outside for hours! She is definitely the explorer. Her favorite thing to do is wrestle with her big sister! They sometimes fight over doggy beds, but Princess always let’s her have her way. She LOVES ice cubes and could eat them all day. We are so blessed to have Savana and I don’t know what I would do without her! Ruff Start Rescue saved her life and she definitely saved mine. She’s our little stinker!


Honey, lounging with her brother :)


"Huey is doing great! I can't thank you enough. I am so grateful for you for taking care of Huey and starting him off on such a great foot. Here he is pictured with his new big brother, Abe. There was a moment yesterday when they were laying down and Abe had his paw draped over Huey, and I think both of our hearts skipped a beat... :) Thanks again! ~Lindsey"

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