Animal Success Stories
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Hello Ruff Start Rescue Team, Wow, hard to believe it has been nearly a year since Bo joined our family! In that time, we have come to LOVE Bo very much, he is definitely an important part of our family. Bo has settled nicely into a good routine where he goes for an early morning stroll before breakfast and then another in the evening. He also goes to doggie daycare while we are working so is not kenneled often (he really enjoys this as they have 2 pools and lots of other dogs to play with!). He has “graduated” from a basic obedience class and is currently enrolled in a “courteous canine” class so is doing quite well with his manners. Bo is a sweet boy and we could not be happier that we were selected to care for him, it is a privilege. Want to say a BIG Thank you to the Ruff Start Rescue Team for all you do and a special thanks to Nicole, Bo’s foster mom for taking such good care of him and to Pam who made the adoption process quick, smooth and uncomplicated for us last year. Hope you enjoy Bo's photos :) Sincerely, Kevin, Nancy and Bo


Hi! It's been about a year since we adopted Blossom- now Bailey, and just wanted to send an updated pic and let you know how much we LOVE her. She is a wonderful dog, awesome with kids and other dogs and just so sweet and cuddly and playful. We are so happy she's in our life. Happy 4th! Heidi

Big Dan

Hi Ruff Start! Here's a handsome photo of Cooper, (previously "Big Dan") from a couple of weeks ago at a mountain bike race he spectated with me. I got him a little hiking pack, and he carried a few things around...didn't mind it at all! I also got a little devil costume for him for the dog park's "Howl-oween" party next weekend. He's a good sport when it comes to wearing something! =) Hope all is well!


A while back Bella came into Ruff Start Rescue from a concern vet tech at a local shelter. A year later she became our foster failure. Today she is making us laugh with her witty personality and driving her fur sister, Frosty crazy. She is a big sports fan, as you can see her with her best friend in the whole world posing in their jersey's. Thank you Casey contacting Ruff Start and Thank you to Ruff Start for helping Bella!


Biella can't wait to start her new life with her new mom <3

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