Animal Success Stories
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Arnold was found as a stray in Texas with mange and some scars on his face at only 3 months of age.  He was brought to Minnesota in November 2014 and remained fearful of people, and growled and snapped at other dogs, but otherwise got along well with his foster mom Christine, and her other dogs.

He stayed in foster care with Ruff Start Rescue for 14 months.  He just really didn’t do well at adoption events.  Well, I saw Arnold online, read his story, and my heart went out to him.  My other dog, Scout, is trained as a therapy dog and has been going to dog parks and meeting people and other dogs since she was a pup.  I thought Scout and I could help Arnold.  I spent a week reading all I could about how to work with fearful and shy dogs, and then we adopted him just after the new year in 2016.

Arnold has made remarkable progress and is becoming more self-confident every day, in large part to the help of his new sister Scout.  I made Arnold a promise that he would be having fun at the dog park by the end of March.  Well, after only 3 weeks we gave it a try and Arnold did great!  Two months ahead of schedule. We now go almost every day and he is venturing off and making new dog friends all by himself.  I’m so very proud of him.


My family and I wanted to send some pictures and give an update of Aubrey's recent adoption. Short story - WE LOVE HER!! She's a great puppy! She runs around all day in the snow with our 5 year old. We think Aubrey may think he's a puppy too. The cats are still learning to love her. But they will! She loves to play with her new toys. She's the best cuddler! We couldn't have asked for a better companion! I have already referred your organization to a few friends of mine that are in the market for a new pet. We'll send more pictures and updates again soon! Thanks again to everyone at Ruff Start Rescue!!


Hello Ruff Start! We are so lucky to have found Alba. Everything has been going great. She and Luther are best friends. They play all day! We only have 1 problem: we need to get a bigger bed now that we have 2 babies sleeping with us:) I will send more pictures soon. Thanks! Kim & Jeff


Arnie came home to us and our choc Labrador, Bebe, on Jan 12, 2013 from a wonderful foster home through Ruff Start Rescue. He has come a long way since he joined our family and he is now a sweet little boy and his favorite spot is on my lap. Arnie is somewhat of a solitary little guy but he met Hank (our Cavachon puppy, the newest addition to the family) and Arnie has now learned to play with and to be more social. Arnie has been a wonderful addition to our family and we’re grateful to Ruff Start for helping us bring him into our home!


On a less serious note... "Arty" aka "Arctic" -- recently rescued and adopted from Ruff Start Rescue !

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