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Name: Nimbus
DOB: 4/30/21
Adoption Fee: $200

I am Nimbus, one of seven “cloud babies” born to Stormy and one of five males in the litter.

My mama was trapped by Big Stone County Animal Rescue in Ortonville, MN on April 29, 2021 and gave birth to me and my siblings a day later. Big Stone County rescue worked with Ruff Start to get us settled with our foster mom. For the past ten weeks, we have been living with our foster family, growing a whole lot, and learning how to play with each other and live with humans.

I am a friendly, playful kitten with a lot of energy. I play with brothers and sisters, kitty toys, a laser pointer, little pieces of garbage, the pens on your desk, the strings on your sweatshirt. I am still learning to be gentle and will occasionally try to climb your pants, but you’ll slow me down (and avoid little kitten scratches) by keeping my claws trimmed.

Things that set me apart from my brothers and sisters: I love my mama. I’m the kitten who is most often cuddling with her and sleeping next to her. Other than that, I’m a little more distant compared to the rest of my brothers and sisters. Don’t get me wrong…I like my siblings, my mom, and humans. I love to play and wrestle with my siblings, but I’m also commonly off on my own and entertaining myself. My foster mom says that I’m a beautiful kitten with bicolor fur: charcoal grey over white. I am short-haired with soft fur.

I have been around women, men, and children 5 years and older. In addition to my cat family, I have been around the resident dog and could probably get used to other gentle dogs as well. I am food motivated, use my litter box well, and will be a loving companion to my forever person or family.

If you are interested in getting to know me better, please fill out an adoption application at An adoption application is the best way to show your interest in an animal and is not a binding contract.

To learn more about Ruff Start’s adoption process and the care our foster animals receive, please visit our How to Adopt page:


Want to adopt a kitten? We highly recommend you consider bringing home two instead of one! Adopting kittens in pairs has been proven to be beneficial for cats’ emotional and behavioral well-being and greatly improves the likelihood of long-term adopter happiness as a result. Adopting more than one kitten also reduces the risk of “Single Kitten Syndrome” (also known as Tarzan Syndrome), a symptom of under-socialization during a kitten’s most formative weeks. Kittens who are under-socialized may develop aggressive tendencies toward both other animals and humans as they grow, creating lifelong behavioral issues for owners.


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