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Cotton Candy

Name: Cotton Candy
DOB: 5/14/2008
Adoption Fee: $125

This animal is a part of our "Seniors for Seniors" program where we offer senior adopters an opportunity to adopt a pet at a discounted fee. 

Hi, I’m Cotton Candy. I was named that because my fur is so very soft and I am very sweet. I love to be pet and I also have a lot to say so I’ll squawk a lot (meows are overrated). My previous owners really thought I was a hoot with lots of personality and also sweet and playful. To be honest, however, I was unhappy. I just want to be in a house with just me and my adult family. That other house had two other cats and a dog and a child. Ugh! I never got into fights with them, but I just didn’t like it and would keep to myself. After several years I just got so cranky in my old age that I started revenge peeing. I was very selective and would pee on just the child’s things when she left them on the floor. She was just too active for me or playful in ways I didn’t like. Eventually, I was so cranky that I’d go back and pee on the rug where my adult trimmed my nails (they should have taken me outside to have my nails trimmed.) I’d pee, too, when she’d accidentally bump into me. Yeah, I took it too far, but I really am sweet and they sure do miss me, but happier days are ahead.
The third time IS the charm. (I very happily left my very first house with the police who carried out me and tons of other cats and dogs. That place was such a mess and meals weren’t for certain. I suppose that experience might be why I get so cranky... but I won’t be cranky if I’m not stuck with so many other cats or active kids. My dream home, in addition to being animal and kid-free, would allow me to go outside with a harness and cord and bask in the sun. I would love, too, to go on regular walks, I’m really good at those! I do have this thing called Hyperthyroidism so I have to take twice daily pills with my food. Thankfully, I am a champ at taking my meds and they are pretty inexpensive if you decide I'm your gal. 

If you are interested in getting to know me better, please fill out an adoption application at An adoption application is the best way to show your interest in an animal and is not a binding contract.

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