Lila Fowler *Arriving 4/17*'s Sponsorship Page
Lila Fowler *Arriving 4/17*

Name: Lila Fowler

DOB: 10/3/19

Weight: 51lbs

Adoption Fee: 400.00

Hey everyone! My name is Lila Fowler I came from Texas originally. Actually, I’m still there! Since I’m not in Minnesota yet, I’m available through the Foster to Adopt program. Right now I live in Texas with other larger dogs like myself, and cats. I do really great with the big dogs in the home, but I haven't really integrated in with the cats yet. I'm very curious about them and my foster mom seems to think I'd be interested in chasing them, so I'm not quite sure how I'd do living with cats in the home. I haven't met any small dogs, but I do play more on the rough side, so I might be a bit much for my tiny counterparts! I have met my foster families neighbors children (older) and done well with them! I am a bit excitable though, so I would probably do best with older ones, as I may knock smaller/younger children over. My foster mom says I'm mostly potty trained, and only had 2 accidents in the house so far. They think that was just because I was still settling in, which is to be expected! I'm a friendly gal, and always happy to meet new people. I'm a sweet girl with a goofy personality, who always enjoys being with my people and playing.. LOTS of playing. I hope you're looking for a dog to take on lots of walks, fetch sessions in the yard, and runs, because I have energy to burn baby! Speaking of walks.. I love them, especially because it's my time to go "Squirrel Watching". Well, I say watching, my foster mom says "Squirrel Obsession". Watch out on walks, because if I see one of those furry little creatures, I may pull to get a closer look. Oh, and I could sit and watch them out the window for hours... I also love squeaky toys, so hope you have some of those handy. I live with a pit bull right now, and boy can I wear him out. He loves it though! While I do great with the other energetic pups, I would probably not be a great companion for a low energy or older dog, as I want to always try to initiate play and tend to lack social cues from other dogs if they're not interested. I love being outside, but not alone, so I'll cry if I'm left out in the fenced in yard for long without anyone to play with. Although I am an energetic gal, I am just as happy when I'm napping on the couch with my people after. I'm also working on some basic commands, and I'm super smart and catching on. With some consistency with training, I think I'll be able to prove how smart I am really quickly!


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I can’t wait to get to Minnesota to find my fur-ever family soon.. April 17th to be exact. Please note: This animal may require further vetting upon arrival in Minnesota. Our veterinary suite is located in Princeton, MN and you will be required to transport your animal to and from vetting appointments.

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