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Hey there! My name is Roscoe, I just turned 1 year on Halloween! Thats pretty cool huh? Despite being a young bun bun I am a pretty good boy! I am really good at using my litterbox, and have been since the day I got to my foster moms. I have my own room here and it's very important that I am not confined to a cage in my new home. I love to explore and need lots of free roaming space to do all my binkies! I am not much of a chewer but as any rabbit can be, its good to keep chords up so I don't nibble them. I am very curious of my surroundings and love to come say hi to people. I am a little on the dominant side, so if you plan on introducing me to other bunnies it's good to know I like to be the one in charge. I love to munch on my hay all day and love to lay next to you and get head scratches. I would do good in a home with respectable children and adults. I do not like to be held, so please leave my paws on the ground. I will come to you. I get my pellets in the morning, just 1/4 cup and then eat hay the rest the day with veggies in the evening too. Not carrots or iceburg lettuce, those are not good for me. I like arugula, basil, green leaf lettuce, cilantro and in moderation some spinach. I am caged at night and do good with that as long as I am let out during the day to get my runs in! If I sound like the perfect fit for you then hit the apply button! See ya soon!

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