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Name: Bronson

DOB: 10/24/2017

Weight: 80 Pounds

Adoption Fee: 375.00

*Currently receiving veterinary care in St. Cloud - he will need continued follow up appointments and any applicant should be prepared to drive to St. Cloud*

Bronson is a 3-year-old loving dog with advanced hip dysplasia looking for a FTA (Foster to Adopt home). Ruff Start is currently exploring options for long-term care and will likely need to fundraise before any major treatments. No matter what treatment Bronson receives, he should be on fish oils, anti-inflammatories (carprofen) and veterinary formulated joint supplements daily for the rest of his life, so his people will need to be prepared to take him to appointments and provide him his medications, currently twice daily. A home with fewer flights of stairs may also be beneficial, but would depend on the treatment decisions. Currently, Bronson is on pain medications and does well on the stairs most of the time, but at 80 pounds, help could be tough to provide as he gets older. He also has accidents in the house and wears a belly-band to help. He seems to do fine for a few days, then have a really bad day with multiple accidents. His signals are subtle, but I'd bet he would do well with bell-training as he is a fast learner and wants to please his people. 

Bronson is a loving dog who loves to lay in bed and do his adorable wiggle-bite routine where he lays on his back and throws his head and butt around, wiggling while biting the air and smiling. Bronson gives lots of side-eye. If you talk about him: side-eye, look at him: side-eye, give him a direction: side-eye. He is goofy and silly, always making his fosters laugh. He has done extremely well with all visitors, dogs, and humans, and met some kids around 6-8 years-old on the street and did well, though he hasn't met any in the home. I have no concerns with him meeting any dogs or children; he has not had any cat intros and does loose his mind when he sees squirrels so he might not be ideal for a home with cats, but may be fine with slow intros and a dog-savvy cat. He can be vocal when he sees squirrels or other dogs from a window, though he is learning that we don't like barking and is starting to learn "go chill" when he gets too excited, which means he has to walk away from the door and go somewhere else, usually our bedroom, his safe-space, for awhile. Bronson does need to be fed separately from other animals - he likes to keep all his food for himself! 

We have been teaching Bronson fetch. He is learning to play, but clearly never had the chance to play in his old life. We had another foster for a few weeks who helpfully taught Bronson to play with toys with other dogs and he is starting to try playing on his own. He has some hoarding tendencies that lead him to giving anyone who has a toy side-eye. He then walks over and VERRRY gently takes the toy, walks away, and puts it away for you. He will then gather all his toys and put them in his pile. He does not guard the pile and you can stick your hand in and take things out of it for him to remove and return. He is actually a pretty good organizer. Before the world froze over, we discovered that Bronson does want to bury bones in the yard and may dig a bit. He loves chewy bones, but not those fake bone things- those are for the toy pile. 

Bronson is a food motivated learner. He knows "sit", "lay down" (when he feels like it and only after sitting), "leave it", "go bed", "ugh-ugh" (no), and "out" and is working on "look" for times he is distracted out walking. Bronson really wants to play with other dogs and gets very excited when he sees them. His gentle leader gives us lots of control and he is doing great, rarely even barking anymore, though he will cry the entire walk after seeing or hearing another dog. He just wants to love everyone. After a few months with Bronson, I am very confident in his ability to adapt and do well in a loving home. The only time he ever gets upset by anything is if his back legs get caught on something while moving around or after he plays too much with another dog and is hurting. Even then, being upset means he might cry and give you side-eye or mope a bit- he is a very sensitive boy who wants a home where he can live with lots of love (and food!) and comfort, get all the pets and bones, and maybe even have another dog to hang with- no puppies though! Puppies have too much energy and hurt his poor hips.

In the meantime if you have questions or are interested in me, please fill out an adoption application at

An adoption application is the best way to show your interest in an animal.  Please check out our website, for more details and additional pictures on any of our animals! All Ruff Start dogs and cats are spayed/neutered, up to date on age appropriate vaccines, microchipped, dewormed, and on monthly flea/tick and heartworm prevention (dogs) as well as heartworm tested (dogs). Ruff Start Rescue is a foster based rescue. Animals are located in homes throughout Minnesota. We do not have a facility where animals are kept. Ruff Start Rescue Adoption Policies:  

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