Greta's Sponsorship Page

Name: Greta
DOB: 10/15/15

Weight: 69 lbs

Adoption Fee: $375

no other dogs in the home/ smaller more submissive animals would be best 
- no small children 
-  good with dog savvy cats; wants to play/ interact but cat food should be kept up (Greta is a piggy and will attempt to push cats away from their food)
- loves toys
- likes to talk/ is vocal 
- does well being left out although she can be kenneled 
- cuddler BIG TIME 
- has basic training; sit, lay down, shake, wait, potty trained, but does need to work on walking on a leash (she just follows that nose)
Well howdy there! My name is Greta and I am an adult hound mix looking for a family of my own through the Holidays. I don't wanna steal the show or nothin', but you've got a good taste in hounds if you clicked ma picture! I am a lovely older gal who is lookin' for a calmer family with a fenced in yard. My nose tends to lead me on adventures, so makin' sure I don't get too distracted and roam away is important! Sometimes my nose can get me into trouble that way! 
I just aaddoorree playin' with toys and ma dog friends. I especially like littler dogs, but I'd just as soon have your love all to myself darlin'. We can play ball together, cuddle together, just don't go away for too long now ya hear? 
I am just fine with youngin's too, so if you have younger humans I don't mind 'em. I am workin' on my table manners and am a little larger gal though, so please be mindful when you're appreciating my pictures that I have lloonngg legs. Sometimes I can get a tad carried away with my own size, so small children may not be a good fit. 
My foster MeeMaw has a little kitter fella I like to play with. He is a special kinda ornery! We play chase all day and when he's had enough he gets real big and poofy and I leave him to his business. I like when he can tell me he's had enough of our playin', ya know? 
What do ya think, partner? You ready for a lady like me? I'd love nothing more than to cuddle with you all day long, although I'm not an under the blankets kinda dog, I'll make sure you're never alone for long. My MeeMaw says I am stuck like glue! I figure, why would I ever wanna be anywhere you ain't? I just love ya so dang much! 
Just you, me, and a big ole rope toy.. whatdaya say? 

An adoption application is the best way to show your interest in an animal.  Please check out our website, for more details and additional pictures on any of our animals! All Ruff Start dogs and cats are spayed/neutered, up to date on age appropriate vaccines, microchipped, dewormed, and on monthly flea/tick and heartworm prevention (dogs) as well as heartworm tested (dogs). Ruff Start Rescue is a foster based rescue. Animals are located in homes throughout Minnesota. We do not have a facility where animals are kept. Ruff Start Rescue Adoption Policies:  

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