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Peanut Butter *Sponsorship only*

Name: Peanut Butter
DOB: 2008


Hey there, I’m Peanut Butter. I was brought to Ruff Start Rescue after a nice lady took me in after my human mom suddenly passed away. I was in really rough shape, skinny, frail, and on my deathbed. I was struggling with hyperthyroidism and my treatment was not working. 

After my first vet visit they knew there was hope for me. I began on consistent supportive meds and by the help of my foster mom, was slowly but surely getting better. For weeks to months I was irritable, sick, pacing, and spent most of my time vocalizing out of pain. After lots of vet visits and several trial and errors, my thyroid levels are still rising even on a high dose of medications. But thankfully, I am one tough cookie. 

I’ve gained a bunch of weight back and have improved so much in the hands of my foster and RSR. Unfortunately, my thyroid levels are still rising and the side effects of the oral meds are tough on my body. Ruff Start is looking into this awesome treatment called the Iodine-131 that with just a few injections can cure my hyperthyroidism. It will give me a chance at a life that I so desperately deserve. 

Although I am not available for adoption at this time, I am still in need of medical care from Ruff Start, if you have anything to donate towards my care, I would be the happiest old man in the world. 



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