Merlin's Sponsorship Page

Name: Merlin

DOB: 6/25/2019

Weight: 30 lbs

Adoption Fee: 450.00

Hello there! I’m Merlin (or sometimes my foster mom calls me Merle).
First things first, I love to play! I want to play with you all day long. If you will let me, I want to have chew bones, play tug of war, and fetch the ball for you to throw again! I am a puppy, so still learning to chew on toys and not be mouthy on humans during play, but this is getting progressively better and better.

My foster mom replaces her hand with a chew toy and I am learning to do that myself now, too.

My second favorite thing is meal time. I eat my meals suuuuper fast because food is amazing and delicious. My mom is feeding me with something called a “slow feeder.” This helps meal times last for me and helps me slow down while eating. I have to really work my brain while getting the food out of the bowl, and Mom says that is really good for me, too.

Even though I eat meals super fast, I am very gentle when I take food/treats from my human friends. My human foster sister, age 3, can give me treats and I sit nicely for her and take food slowly from her hands. I will do this for everyone who gives me treats.

I have not shown any food aggression. My humans can put their hands in my bowl and I will just eat around them. I can even drink out of a water bowl at the same time as my fur-foster brother. (We are fed separately though, because fur-foster brother prefers it this way.)
I am fully potty trained, which is great. I actually like the snow, even though I came from TX. I like to run around in it. I do NOT, however, like these super cold temps. Anything below 20 degrees, and I’m doing my business outside and heading back in!

I sleep in my crate during the day when the humans go to work, and also sleep in there at night. I will bark if I think you are home. Once the house is quiet, I go to sleep. Other than when I am first crated, I am really not very vocal. I rarely bark, even when I see neighbors outside or people walking by the house on the sidewalk.

Since I’m a puppy, I have some learning to do. I am working on not jumping up on people, and learning basic obedience commands. I know how to “sit” and I’m working on come and lay down.

My foster family includes: 2 human adults, 2 human kids (age 3 and 7), and one other adult dog, and I get along great with everyone!

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All Ruff Start dogs and cats are spayed/neutered, up to date on age appropriate vaccines, microchipped, dewormed, and on monthly flea/tick and heartworm prevention (dogs) as well as heartworm tested (dogs).

Ruff Start Rescue is a foster based rescue. Animals are located in homes throughout Minnesota. We do not have a facility where animals are kept.

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