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Jolene *Sponsorship only*

Name: Jolene

Birthdate (estimated): 2009

Weight: 8lbs


Hi there, my name is Jolene!

Although I am super cute I unfortunately am not available for adoption and am living out my glory days as a hospice kitty. When I was brought in I was found to have bone cancer, and Ruff Start took me in to keep me as comfortable as possible. Due to my condition, it would be best if I stay put with my mom in my foster home. 

Although not available to adopt, I am still in need of care from Ruff Start, and I will have ongoing medical concerns. If you are interested in donating towards my medical care, I would be the happiest old gal in the world. 

All animals are in foster homes located throughout the Twin Cities & Central Minnesota.  We do not have a facility. *

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