Adeline's Sponsorship Page

Name: Adeline
DOB: 11/30/2015
Weight: 6 lbs

Adeline is a sweet girl. She loves to be pet, and lay on your lap or next to you. She purrs almost instantly. When she's had enough she will get up and leave, or turn her head towards you with kind of a look of  "Okay I'm done" because of this I would say no small children, as they may not be able to read her signals. She gets very excited to see you each morning and to get her breakfast. 

She is not a fan of other cats, and would prefer to be an only kitty. She does okay with dogs who will not bother her, or be in her face.

Adeline is a special girl, and will require a special family who wants to spoil her and tend to her needs. They are few, but needed, and will give her the life she needs and deserves. She was diagnosed with  Hyperthyroidism. She takes a pill twice a day, but takes it like a champ in her canned food with no issues. The medication is very cheap and affordable. She also needs her canned food processed in a blender. I mix up a few cans at a time and just put it away in the refrigerator. She will need a canned food diet, and to be fed 3-4 small meals a day. Pretty much just like yourself, when you have a meal, think of her. It sounds like a tall order for her, but its really rather simple, and she is thriving because of it. It may also be why she found herself outside and left to fend for herself. Because her owners didn't know how to care for her. She would be a great companion for someone who is looking for the company of a cat, but one that is not to pushy and in your face.

Adeline was found as a stray and would have starved to death had a good Samaritan not turned her in. Thank goodness they did. She is declawed, and didn't have much hope to fend for herself. She was less than 5 lbs when she was found, and was skin and bones, unable to eat on her own anymore due to how week she was. After almost 2 weeks of being syringe feed, she turned the corner and now eats on her own, and gets around well!

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